5 Guys Named Moe and Snackable Video Covid Policy, Effective 04/01/2020

Updated 07/21/2020

As an Essential Businesses in CA since this pandemic began, we have continued working and delivering projects to our clients. Since 03/16/2020, our only priority has been the health and safety of our employees, clients, colleagues and friends. Following is our official Covid Policy. 

General Policies: 

We have a Covid-Compliance officer, on-staff, to insure this strict policy will be enforced. 

Whatever work can be done remotely is encouraged. When in-studio work is required, we make best efforts to do so with staggered-shifts, TBD by either Eric or Seth. 

When working in-studio, self-isolation in individual work rooms is the norm. With the exception of Studio D, no more than 1 person shall occupy the same room, unless they have proper PPE and can maintain 6 feet of space between each other.  

Because we are a small facility with each employee assigned to a single work room, typically working without clients present, and employees not sharing rooms, we have a certain advantage in instituting and enforcing these policies. 

When employees are not at work in our facility, it is expected they will adhere to all rules and guidance as stipulated by Los Angeles City, County and California, and be prudent in their personal lives to minimize exposure to Covid. 

Specific Policies

1)    Everyone entering our facility will have their temperature taken upon every entry. Anyone with a temp above 100.1 will be denied entry. 

2)    Everyone entering our facility will sign an affirmation agreement they have no symptoms and have not knowingly encountered anyone with symptoms or diagnosed illness. 

3)    Every visitor/client/employee must wear nitrile gloves, shield and/or mask upon entering our facility, and a shield and mask whenever they are in hallways or any common areas.

4)     When they are alone working in their workrooms, they must wear either a mask or shield. We will supply masks/shields/gloves & disinfectant to everyone in our facility. 

5)    Employees will be allowed a 10 minute break every 2 hours, in addition to a 45 minute meal break. 

6)    OT is discouraged until further notice, and must be approved by either Seth or Eric, in advance of OT accrual. 

7)    Non-essential visitors/clients/relatives/vendors/employees are NOT allowed in our facility. Any vendors we need for routine maintenance or installation will only be allowed in after our employees’ shifts are over and have departed the studio. 

8)    All physical material entering our facility will be disinfected with either (or both) disinfectant wipes and/or an industrial UV wand 

9)    Any material delivered to us, from clients or vendors, will be picked up by our staff,  wearing nitrile gloves and a mask and/or shield, downstairs and outside our lobby. We will bring the material up to our studio and disinfect it. 

10) Any material we pick up from a vendor or client’s location will be picked up by a masked and/or shielded employee, wearing nitrile gloves. Any touch-surfaces in their vehicle will be wiped down/disinfected by them both before and after pick-up, as well as before they bring the material up to our studio. 

11) Every keyboard, desk-top, mix-surface and any flat surface/tables/edit desks/chairs will be disinfected at least three times a day: when we open, at a midday break, and at the end of every shift. 

12) High-touch surfaces, such as door handles, will be sanitized hourly. 

13) Hand sanitization stations/dispensers will be in every workroom, as well as spread out throughout the facility. 

14) Sanitation wipes will be in every workroom, as well as spread out throughout the facility.

15) HEPA filters will be used for all our HVAC vents, and will be replaced monthly. 

16) We will no longer have food delivered, nor we will have lunch together. Our employees will be responsible to bring their own food and beverages for meals and snacks with them every day, and each will eat alone at their workstations. They may choose to leave for lunch, but must eat only outdoors, and change their gloves upon re-entering the building. 

17) Every employee will be provided with latex/nitrile gloves, which they will wear whenever they leave their workstations. These gloves will be discarded whenever they re-enter the facility, or have returned to their rooms, followed by sanitizing their hands once back at their workstations. 

18) Staff meetings will be done via Zoom. 

19) Employees are encouraged to speak to one another, or anyone else, using their mobile phones, to reduce touching the phones in each workroom. 

20) At no point will any employee/visitor/vendor/client be closer than 6 feet from one another. If two people must pass in common areas, they will maintain proper distance or wait for the other person to pass.

21) In our larger common areas, we will practice proper social-distancing (6 feet apart).

22) Before entering any room in the entire facility, employees must knock on the closed door and wait 5 seconds for a response, to verify the room is empty. 

23) Employees should keep their doors closed while they are in their rooms, but if the employee is working at least 6 feet from the door, they may leave it slightly ajar.  

24) The facility has been set up to work remotely together from room to room, e.g. an Editor in Edit 1 can work while, simultaneously, a producer in Edit 2 can see what he is doing and collaborate/supervise. This will be true for editing, color, audio or any other work which happens in the facility. Ideally, the producer/client can work remotely in this fashion, outside our facility. 

25) As events surrounding the pandemic evolves, this Official Policy will evolve.

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